I know who I am. I'm the dude playin' the dude, disguised as another dude!

The OCR Community

I often think about what makes me borderline obsessed with obstacle course racing (OCR). I mean, it’s not as if I like running. Being semi-old with a bad back and a bum foot isn’t a good recipe for running flawlessly like those young, fit and attractive people seen in Reebok commercials smiling while enjoying a…

You and your vote

Listen. I’m not going to tell anyone who they should vote for. Hell. I’m not even going suggest which is the better party (although my views that our two party system is broken are well known.)

When you look at your own views, your own beliefs, and attempt to align them with those of the candidates running for president — it’s imperative to choose the man (or woman) who would best serve you and your interests.

OCR season is upon us, err, me.

I’ve done what – five Warrior Dashes, a Spartan Sprint, a couple of Rugged Maniacs and a few more mud runs over the past few years and I love it. Don’t get me wrong: I hate running but I really love climbing over stuff. The 2016 OCR season has started and I’m expecting to kick some ass this year – while taking my twin sons along for the ride…

I had a bad dream

Since almost day one of my son being diagnosed with autism, I never wavered from the notion that all was not lost. I truly believed that somewhere inside of Matt, the light was still burning and his ability to learn, assimilate, communicate and function was not just a hope but rather a given. And while…