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Despite having a condition for which there is no cure, I’ve long maintained that my son Matt is kicking autism’s ass. Understanding where he was at age two and to see where he is now six years later is amazing. Words really can’t express how proud we are of that kid.

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We’re screwed

I really don’t care who you vote for this November. (Ok, I kinda do but that’s not the point.) Whether you vote for Hillary, the other guy or Gary Johnson (best option of the three) – just be able to defend your choice with something more than just “Well. At least they’re not as bad as the other options…”

Sitting around the pool

A rambling about autism

Sometimes I wonder if it’s worth continuing to write about: my son with autism did this; my son with autism did that; my autistic child accomplished such-and-such. I’ve got to be sounding like a broken record with all the rah-rah stuff when, essentially, young Matt does a lot of day-to-day “things” any other child without…

The Muddy Millers at the Terrain Race in Flagstaff

The Muddy Millers

It was finally our turn. The four of us – my wife, twin sons and myself – were herded into make-shift pools filled with water and mud. It was cold. Deceivingly cold. Son #2 shrieked and, despite knowing what awaited, there was no shortage of similar reactions and comments from the others. All of us…

Fireworks and Autism

Not many parents who have children with autism eagerly jump at the opportunity to go to a 4th of July fireworks show. For the most part, however, my wife and I do. We know it might be tough on our little guy, but he’s come such a long way and is handling these types of uncomfortable situations better and better.