Sometime around June 2016, Matt asked: “Daddy? Can I have”

At the time he was hoarding every piece of paper he could lay his hands on – along with all the scotch tape and staples in the house – and making his own comic books. Sometimes they were Matt originals; sometimes he was blatantly plagiarizing something else he read. We didn’t care. He started to become passionate about reading and writing and his imagination was in full bloom.

Admittedly, I’m not sure how to create a website where he could draw his pictures online and create his stories on the keyboard. However, what I have done was give him a place where he could start writing down his thoughts, his stories, perhaps a few videos or anything as a way of unleashing his creativity.

So here it is: Matt’s Corner – featuring Matt’s “works”. I hope you enjoy this part of Matt’s journey and I hope you let him know as much in the COMMENTS (hint, hint).

Felt Art by Matt

As mentioned before, Matt has recently developed an interest in writing and drawing comics. Sometimes he mimics something he may have seen in a YouTube video or read at school, but the other times he writes and draws about the adventures of his own creation: Rec-man and his arch-nemesis Ad-man. Last week, however, he took…