I love that sites such as WordPress or Blogger exist so that people can voice opinions, spread ideas, tell stories, and create online outlets to match their personalities. The flow of that information is vast; and also immediate. Some may think that this information overload can be overwhelming – I tend to disagree in that the ultimate control still lies with ourselves.

Me with the twins.

Just me hanging out with the Terror Twins.

We the people still have a voice even though sometimes it feels as if that voice goes unheard. It doesn’t. People are out there, listeners are plenty and the back-and-forth communication is nothing short of incredible.

Yeah, I know. That all sounds fine and dandy – and perhaps a bit over dramatic – but it says a lot about myself and why I’m here.

I originally started this BLOG as a venue to spout off about topics including politics, religion, parenthood and Blackhawks hockey. No subject was to be off-limits. I’d like to think that’s still the case, but it’s really not. I’ve become a three-trick pony writing mostly about raising a child with autism, my experience and passion with OCR (obstacle course racing) and politics.

Maybe those topics interest you, maybe they don’t. At the very least, I try to find ways to make them all more interesting sounding that they probably really are. My hope is that you agree.

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