Not a first, but a rarity.

Yesterday morning my four-year old son said “Hi” to me. For most other parents, that’s not a big deal but for me it’s hard to put into words just how happy it made me feel. Think about it: it’s over 24 hours later, I’m still beaming, and am now writing about it. Just because he…

Sequester This

From John Boehner to Michelle Bachmann to Sarah Palin to Mitt Romney, the GOP seems to be but a shell of its old-self and the lack of true leadership and their inability to compromise is nothing short of amazing to me. They should be embarrassed and certainly deserved the ass kicking they got in November.

Man vs. Food – Fuddruckers style

The rules are simple: eat a 3-pound hamburger and a pound of french fries in under 60 minutes.

If successful, the participant receives “2 free meals towards futures visits, 1 free t-shirt stating your victory, and undeniable respect from friends, family and colleagues alike”.

If unsuccessful, the participant is out $19.99 (plus tax) and must face a lifetime of shame from those same “friends, family and colleagues alike”.