An Autistic Girl at McDonalds

I was just at McDonalds for lunch and there was a large group in the dining area – a couple of adults and about seven kids. Yet even before glancing over at them or giving them any sort of attention or acknowledgement, I knew that at least one of them was special needs and more than likely autistic.

It was the stimming.

Autistic Speech

There was a time when my wife and I thought we had lost our son forever. Autism has taken so much from our son and there were times we worried if he’d ever talk or communicate.

Holy crap were we proven wrong on that one!

Stacking paper cups into a pyramid
My blog on page three of Google (used to be page 1)

Subject to Change goes viral. Sort of.

Since starting this blog, no other post has gotten more views than one written in April of 2013 about the city of Harvey, Illinois mayor Eric Kellogg. It’s received thousands of hits, has ranked on the first page of Google and continues to remain near the top of all posts viewed on this site.

Corruption in politics and the stupidity of the American voter continues to feed my ego – and I’m certainly thankful for it!